Flush.exe by Galapo


Flush is a free and open source Windows application for flushing cached data to disk

Download flush (v.2.5)

Download WinBuilder script (v.10)

Home Page: http://tools.CWCodes.net/flush

Home Forum: http://TheOven.org

Home Topic: http://TheOven.org/index.php?topic=46.0

Usage: flush.exe [-flush] [DRIVE] [-FIXED] [-REMOVABLE] [-RAMDISK] [-USB] [-SD] [-MMC] [-FDC] [-CURRENT] [-FORCE] [-REMAIN] [-ABOUT]  


   for current drive (and all disk's drives): flush.exe 

   for all drives except FDC and CDROM      : flush.exe -flush 

   for specified drives                     : flush.exe -flush C: D: 

   for all fixed drives                     : flush.exe -flush -fixed 

   for all removable drives                 : flush.exe -flush -removable 

   for all ramdisk drives                   : flush.exe -flush -ramdisk 

   for all USB drives                       : flush.exe -flush -usb 

   for all SD drives                        : flush.exe -flush -sd 

   for all MMC drives                       : flush.exe -flush -mmc 

   for all FDC (floppy disc cont. drives)   : flush.exe -flush -fdc 

   for current drive only                   : flush.exe -flush -current 

   for specified drives by direct call      : flush.exe -flush -force C: D: 

   for information display only             : flush.exe -about